Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Long time

Wow, long time since I have updated this. Got the thistle taken care of and have been hard at work insulating the shed so that the guys can work in there this winter and not be so cold. That has taken some time.
Fall is upon us, the temps have started to drop day and night. The colors are showing. It is a great time of year. Planning for the holidays, vacations and time with family and friends.
I tease Dennie that he has to decorate each and every tree. He will be busy a long time.
The hard woods are growing fast. You can easily pick them out. The pines are a lot slower. We had quite a few die but will replace them next year. I would also like to plant some sunflowers on the hillside next year for some color. Will have to see how that goes.
We planted big and little pumpkins. We got 6 large ones. They are still blooming and starting pumpkins - a little late in the season. Must have 2-1/2 dozen of the little ones.

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