Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Long time

Wow, long time since I have updated this. Got the thistle taken care of and have been hard at work insulating the shed so that the guys can work in there this winter and not be so cold. That has taken some time.
Fall is upon us, the temps have started to drop day and night. The colors are showing. It is a great time of year. Planning for the holidays, vacations and time with family and friends.
I tease Dennie that he has to decorate each and every tree. He will be busy a long time.
The hard woods are growing fast. You can easily pick them out. The pines are a lot slower. We had quite a few die but will replace them next year. I would also like to plant some sunflowers on the hillside next year for some color. Will have to see how that goes.
We planted big and little pumpkins. We got 6 large ones. They are still blooming and starting pumpkins - a little late in the season. Must have 2-1/2 dozen of the little ones.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Not much happening. I continue to work on the thistles among the trees. Over 1/2 done. They look nice. we have gotten a little rain - about 1/2 in. We could use more. The yard is growing fast but I worry about the trees and plants.

Busy working on the Yard to make it look nice for the annual picnic on Sunday. Mom and I mulched all the trees etc yesterday.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another night, another set of BAD storms.

The crop estimate is now at 20,000 acres that were damaged Friday night. Then last night more high winds, possible tornados and rain. We got another 2.5 inches. Luckily again no damage to our farm, Dennie reported that he has a lot of tree branches down all over the place so will spend the entire day picking them up.

The rain was needed as the crops were very dry but we did not need the damaging winds, hail and tornados. Now we need warmth for the crops that are still alive.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

So yesterday the area was hit with rain - we got 1/2 inch. But south and west of us they had hail, straight line winds and a lot of damage. 5 buildings were blown down, 7-8,000 acres of crops destroyed beyond use. Sorry for those people.

Today again I worked on the trees. I have 5 rows that are completely free of thistles and trim right up to the trunk of the tree. I am working on 3 more rows and getting them closer.

I sprayed 5 rows on Thursday night and am waiting for the spray to work before I go in and attack the thistles. With luck I will have the whole thing cleaned up by the time of our annual picnic Aug. 16th.

It is hard physical work so I can only handle a little at a time - but also rewarding.

Tomorrow I will work some more on it while the guys are at an auction for the Wiota John Deere tractor club. Great social time for time.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

from the sky

We finally have rain. Seems we got a lot more than other areas. Our rain gauge shows 2 inches. Most places on the TV were reporting less than 1/2 inch. Now we just need heat. I really don't want it hot because I am already hot but the crops and gardens need it. Theis summer has been strange, cool, dry.

Really need to get back to thistle clean up before the heat does come or I will have an even bigger mess.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

on the run - laying low

The guys have spent a lot of time at the fair. Tractor is the trailer races. This year they are just working the event rather than participating. That is probably good as we don't need anyone else hurt.
Not much new beyond that. We need rain. The grass seems to still grow fast even without the rain but I know that the crops and trees would love a drink.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Today was a busy one. I spent 3-4 hrs spraying the thistles among the rows of trees. Now once the spray works we will mow the rows better so we can find our trees. Dennie spent time fixing our larger mower. I then mowed the park and trimmed around the yard. I did some outside painting and staining. Things look nice. Boy our grass grows fast. We almost need to rake it but we will mow again in a few days to cut up the clippings along with a new cut. That is easier than raking. Tired tonight but feel good about what we have gotten done. Enjoy your weekend.